Welcome to our e-learning community for university science students

ScienceSkills.net evolved from the success of a set of professional skills workshops, primarily in scientific writing, delivered over a 5-year period to science students at a high-ranking UK institution.

During 2016 I talked with students to see if they would prefer the workshops as online courses. The response to this concept was very encouraging, and I also think this is an excellent idea.

Moving forward with professional skills training for science students, ScienceSkills.net was born, and I delivered the first online pilot course in January 2017 quickly followed up with a second one in March 2017.

A range of online courses is planned to help students develop their writing skills for academic and professional work. Participation in these courses will not only assist students in developing academic writing skills but will also enable them to produce a portfolio of evidence for future employers—critical to finding an entry-level position in the scientific/medical writing or publishing fields or to highlight your writing skills to a PI.

With our success, we moved to a new website address (https:www.scientific-writers.com) in 2020 along with a new Moodle platform to host our courses. This provides a seamless and interactive option for universities and I hope that you will join our ever-growing family of e-learning young scientists.

It’s all about the skills!

Dr Allison Kirsop, MRSC